Amy MacRae

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Adina MacRae

 Adina MacRae first studied animal learning and behaviour when she earned a Psychology degree at Dalhousie University. After completing her Bachelor of Public Relations at MSVU, she adopted her first dog “Buddy,” a Boxer/Pit Bull mix from the Bide Awhile Shelter ( and got a crash course in dog behaviour. Shortly after Buddy’s adoption, Adina began training dogs and conducting behaviour assessments on behalf of the Metro SPCA while working for Lietash Canine Academy until joining her wife Amy MacRae to form Sublime Canine Services. She remains current in her understanding of dog behaviour and has graduated from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and attended conferences held by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT). She has presented at the NSSPCA Animal Wellness Conference and hosted seminars on various dog behaviour and training topics.

After becoming involved in Flyball as an outlet for Buddy’s energy, Adina discovered her passion in Canine Agility. She began competing in 2003 and has instructed others with a focus on relationship development and confidence building since then. She has trained 15 dogs to competition level including two rescued Chihuahuas, her deaf Border Collie mix and Borzoi. In 2015, Adina and her Papillon Dare were selected to represent Canada at the World Agility Open championships in the Netherlands, she has won a UKI National and has had multiple podium finishes at the Canadian Open in addition to many Regional Championships. Adina also enjoys competing in Disc Dog and has dabbled in Rally Obedience and Conformation.

Adina’s other life passion is professional dog walking and she has operated Dogs on the Go, a dog walking and pet care service, since 2003. She currently services the west and south ends of the Halifax Peninsula. Please contact Adina MacRae by email at or by phone at (902) 441-9775.


Jane Holloway

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Sarah McManaman

Sarah is a dog trainer and dog hiker that lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She began working with dogs in 2009, being heavily involved in rescue, volunteering, and shelter work. She started initially working with a pit bull rescue, bringing pit mixes out of Ontario (a that province has breed specific legislation in place). Then further branching into her community, volunteering her skills in training and fostering for several local rescues and the local shelter. She founded and ran The Smiling Dog, which was a non profit group helping low income and street involved people get health care and food for their pets. 

​In 2012 Sarah began working with other peoples’ dogs. Starting with working at doggy daycares, moving up to dog training and hiking dogs. In 2013 Sarah began doing offleash wilderness hikes with her business Call of the Wild Canine Services, so you can find her during most weekdays hiking groups offleash in the great wilderness areas around Halifax and Dartmouth. 

​Sarah has a great interest in handling reactivity, and using reward based methods to deal with these reactive and fearful dogs. She taught the expanded Reactive Dog Class at Jollytails. You can find her teaching teaching Puppy Socialization, Tricks, & Basic Life Skills classes, and doing private reactivity consults. Sarah is also a part of a small team of trainers running The Muzzle Up! Project, advocating and educating about using muzzles ethically and responsibly. 

​She loves trick training and thinks that it is the best foundation to every great human/dog team. Her dog Zephyr has earned his Trick Dog Champion title and his Canine Good Neighbour. She and Zephyr recently began trying out dock diving, Disc Dog competitions, and training in Rally Obedience. Sarah has recently added a Springer Spaniel puppy, Frankie, to her family and is excited to explore scent detection, disc dog, dock diving, rally, and agility with her. Stay tuned on what they get up to together!