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Sublime Canine Services - Available Classes

Puppy Socialization Classes

Halifax Dog Training, Halifax Dog Trainers

Weeknight and weekend classes focused on fun puppy socialization and development while trouble shooting typical puppy behaviours. 

Basic Life Skills Classes

Halifax Dog Trainer, Halifax Dog Training

Weeknight & weekend Puppy Basic Life Skills and Adult Dog Basic Life Skills classes, focused on teaching basic manners and life skills.  

Advanced Life Skills Classes


Weeknight & weekend Advanced Life Skills classes focused on further expanding skills learned in Basic Life Skills Classes.

Specialty Classes

Dog Training , Halifax Dog Trainer

Offering specialty classes such as Leash Manners, Come When Called, Tricks, & More!

New classes being added in 2020!

Agility Classes

Halifax Dog Trainer, Halifax Dog Training

Agility & Dog Sport Class available at www.novdogsport.ca

Free Training Advice


Click here for free training advice for common issues you may be experiencing with your family pet . We focus on reward based dog training 

Contact Us

Amy MacRae



Saturday Classes

Puppy Socialization, Basic & Advanced Life Skills

Jane Holloway



Weeknight Classes Mon-Thurs.

Puppy Socialization, Basic & Advanced Life Skills, Specialty Classes & More!

Sarah McManaman



Puppy Socialization, Private  Training, Basic & Advanced Life Skills, Specialty Classes & More! 

For Dog Sports Classes see www.novadogsport.ca

Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply.

We love to talk dog! However most weekends we are out of town competing in or training for various dog sports.  

Weekdays we are dog walking during the day and teaching classes most evenings.  This means we are rarely able to directly answer phone calls.  Email is the best way for us to communicate.  

Group Classes are held at Happy Hounds Daycare

6300 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5X9, Canada

(902) 717-1344