We hear this a lot: "Can you call your dog please?!"  Truthful answer...sometimes.  Does your dog have a reliable recall or do they only come when they feel like it?  Join me for this four week course to learn new games and strategies to get your dog to come when they are called every time, the first time you ask.

Skills covered include:

Handler focus

Connection games

Impulse and stimulus control games

Cues to refocus your dog

Recall away from different distractions 


Day/Time: Thursday (7:45-8:45pm)

Next Course: Nov 30 & Dec 7, 14 & Jan 4 - SPACE AVAILABLE 

Spaces are limited so contact jane@sublimecanine.ca to reserve yours today.

6300 Lady Hammond Rd, Hfx - Happy Hounds
Jane Holloway - jane@sublimecanine.ca
$115.00 taxes included
Oct/Nov 2018
4 weeks (4 x 1 hour classes)