Sublime Canine is pleased to offer group class training options for everything from socialization, obedience to agility, tricks and more!  For more information please click class links to the right.

Group Class FAQ's

How old should my puppy be to start classes?

  • We recommend puppies are at least 8-9 weeks old before participating in our Puppy Socialization classes.
  • We recommend ​puppies are at least 12 weeks old before particiapting in Puppy Basic Life Skills or All Ages Basic Life Skills classes.
  • Age exceptions may be made based on puppy's personality, size and for families with limited time available for training.

What if I have to miss a class?

  • Missing one class is ok and weekly homework provided in our Basic Life Skils course will help keep your training on track.
  • If you have to miss two or more classes we recommend reviewing the class schedules and picking a course in which you can attend as many classes as possible.
  • In case of unexpected emergencies or canine illness classes can be transferred to next available course or partial class fee may be refunded, conditions apply.

How many family members should attend classes?

  • We encourage all families members that are interested and available to particpate in as many classes as possible while enrolled. 

Are children allowed to participate in classes?

  • Children are welcome and encouraged in all Sublime classes. 

Does my puppy or dog have to be vaccinated to attend group classes? 

  • Puppies and dogs should have received a at least their first vaccination for a minimum of Distemper and Parvovirus at least 7-10 days prior to participating in classes.

Does my puppy or dog have to be spayed or neutered?

  • No, dogs can participate while they are intact, it is not necessary to have dogs spayed or neutered prior to participating in classes. 
  • For puppies or dogs close to their spay/neuter ages, we suggest families book spay/neuter surgeries at least two weeks prior to starting classes or after they have completed classes to avoid potentially missing classes due to post surgery restrictions or possible complications.

Is a dog ever too old to start training?

  • ​No we regularly have older adult dogs even senior dogs participate in classes.



Class schedules are subject to change based on demand, holidays and weather related cancellations or similar unforseen circumstances such as instructor illness or injury.  Cancelled classes will be resumed the following week and furture courses will be postponed accordingly.

Puppies and dogs attending classes should be in good health and free of any contagious illness or health concern.

When enrolling in classes please remember we only accept a small numbers of dogs and families per class.  If for any reason you have reserved a space in a class that you can no longer participate in we ask that you inform us ASAP so that we may have an opportunity to fill the space.