Please see the following links for help with Separation Anxiety & Distress...

Emily Larlham - Dogmantics - Separation Training Tips -

Nicole Wilde - Don't Leave Me! Step by step Help for Separation Anxiety -

Karen Pryor - Managing Dog's Separation Anxiety -

Dog Star Daily - Dr Ian Dunbar -


4 Paws University - Separation Anxiety/Separation Distress -

Whole Dog Journal - Pat Miller - Canine Separation Anxiety -


Some dogs also helped by the use of the following;

Thunder Shirt - 

Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) Collars/Sprays - purchase from your veterinarian.

Zylkene -

Tellington Touch Massage & Anxiety Wraps -
‘Kong’ and other treat dispensing toys like Premier’s - chewing triggers a release of endorphins that can help calm a dog.