Jumping up is an instinctual part of the way puppies play, get attention from their mothers and show their affection for mature and older dogs.

Because of this instinct, puppies quickly try jumping with humans. Since puppies are small and adorable, their jumping is rewarded by getting the human’s attention.

For many puppies any attention you give them for jumping – even if it is to scold or correct them– can actually make jumping worse.


Follow these easy instructions to train your puppy to keep 4 paws on the floor!


Reward 4 Paws on the floor!

  • Don’t take it for granted when your puppy has 4 paws on the floor – REWARD this behaviour in a calm manner. Make sure the puppy gets attention, patting, praise when 4 paws are on the floor.
  • Super social puppies and dogs that have spent months jumping will need a little more help. These puppies and dogs can earn the between 1/4 - 1/3 of the daily kibble by practicing 4 paws on floor when interacting with family and meeting people.
  • Reward as much as 1 kibble/treat every single second they keep 4 paws on the floor OR try dropping 4-6 pieces of kibble or treats on the floor, every 2-3 seconds when they are greeting people without jumping.


Prevent & Ignore Jumping!

  • Jumping is now going to mean the puppy/dog will be ignored or will be separated from people they jump on. As soon as a puppy’s front paws leave the ground immediately stop ALL interactions with the puppy and ignore the puppy completely by turning your back or leaving the room.
  • If the puppy continues to jump at you or you can not leave the puppy, keep a small light leash on the puppy and hold the leash away from your body or quickly walk the puppy away from the people.
  • You can often prevent jumping all together by holding the puppy’s leash close to the collar or picking the puppy up.


Remember one of the most powerful rewards for jumping is simply getting human attention good or bad.


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