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Dogs guard objects they perceive as valuable. Some dogs may be possessive of locations such as the sofa or bed, their owner or a variety of objects such as food bowls, raw hides or sticks, to name a few. Similarly, some dogs are insecure about being handled in specific regions on their body. 

If you discover your dog is possessive around certain items or people, it is recommended that you consult with a knowledgeable trainer who has experience in treating resource guarding using desensitization and counter-conditioning, not punishment as this can actually increase the severity of the problem and influence your dog to be more aggressive toward you.

In the meantime, you will manage your dog’s environment and personal space to ensure your dog is not near other people or dogs when its triggers are present. You will also refrain from confronting your dog if they are guarding a space or object when you are present.

Instead, you will control your dog’s environment so they do not have access to the spaces they typically guard. You also want to prevent your dog from rehearsing guarding behaviours before you introduce them to a counter-conditioning and behavioural modification program.

If you are faced with an emergency situation where your dog has possession of a valued object, you may wish to try to “bait and switch” by quickly and calmly trading the dog with food or a toy.

Do not attempt to confront, reprimand or wrestle a dog that is growling and/or baring its teeth as they may bite. You will compromise your dog’s trust and you may become injured during the altercation.

Bribery is not meant to be used instead of proper training, but in emergency situations it may be an effective last resort.