Adina MacRae & Seven (14 wks)

Adina MacRae first studied animal learning and behaviour when she earned a Psychology degree at Dalhousie University. After completing her Bachelor of Public Relations at MSVU, she adopted her first dog "Buddy," a Boxer/Pit Bull mix from the Bide Awhile Shelter ( and got a crash course in dog behaviour. Shortly after Buddy's adoption, Adina began training dogs and conducting behaviour assessments on behalf of the Metro SPCA. She remains current in her understanding of dog behaviour and has graduated from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and attended conferences held by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT). 

After becoming involved in Flyball as an outlet for Buddy's energy, Adina discovered her passion in Canine Agility. She began competing in 2003 and has instructed others with a focus on relationship development and confidence building since then.  Her passion for agility has grown to a full time obsession with the sport and in 2015 Adina and her Papillon Dare travelled to the Netherlands on the UKI Canadian Agility Team to compete at the World Agility Open.  Adina also enjoys competing in Disc Dog and showing in CKC Conformation events. 

Adina’s other passion is professional dog walking and she has operated Dogs on the Go, a dog walking and pet care service, since 2003. She currently services the west and south ends of the Halifax Peninsula and Rockingham/Wedgewood area.

Adina and Amy currently share their home with 12 dogs and 2 cats.  Many different breeds and mixes have fascinated and captured their hearts.  Their family has included a Borzoi, a Silken Windhound, a Belgian Tervuren, multiple Papillons and many rescued dogs including a Pit Bull mix, a Shepherd/Husky mix, an English Setter mix, multiple Collie mixes and Chihuahua mixes, and a deaf Border Collie mix.

Please contact Adina MacRae by email at or by phone at (902) 441-9775