Seven at Lake, June 2008 Canine Services is pleased to bring a modern, compassionate approach to living with dogs in HRM. We offer small class sizes in a fun upbeat atmosphere, private training and dog walking services. Committed to humane practices that get results, Sublime Canine has a training options for every lifestyle.

Get off to a great start with our progressive series of Puppy Socialization or join a Basic Life Skills Class to learn how to communicate effectively and build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Continue to build your dog’s focus and self control with an Advanced Life Skills Class.  Whether you want a great family companion, therapy dog or you would like to participate in a Canine Good Neighbour Evaluation, Life Skills classes will help you accomplish your goals.

Sublime Canine also offers Private Training in the HRM. If you have a feisty fido who reacts to strange people or dogs, guards resources, goes crazy when guests arrive, suffers from separation anxiety, won’t come when called or pulls you down the street, we can help!  Learn how you can use positive reinforcement to make unwanted behaviours disappear.

Finally, if you are having trouble meeting your dog’s exercise requirements, consider Sublime Canine’s Dog Walking Services. Sublime dogs enjoy an hour-long wooded hike with other social dogs on our group hikes. One-on-one services are also available for dogs who prefer hanging out with people instead of other pooches.

Feel free to Contact Us for more information on any of our programs or services. You may also want to check out our Free Training Advice section for great tips and ideas. We hope your canine companion brings you many years of joy!